GPA Recalc Form - Full GPA Recalc (demo)

    Recalculation form instructions:
    First, choose a scale that the transcript grades are currently in. The options in this example are: 

    Letter = Letter grades (A, A-, B+, etc)
    Num 60 = 100 point scale (passing grade of 60)
    Num 65 = 100 point scale (passing grade of 65)
    Num 70 = 100 point scale (passing grade of 70)

    While only two translation tables are necessary for this form (one for letter grades, and one for 100 pt scale), the 100 point scale translation codes have 3 export values for each given input. By referencing the appropriate export value in the Translation parts below, the appropriate translated 100–to–4.0 scale value will be returned. 

    For example: 87 = 3.4, 3.2, or 2.9, depending on the "scale" option selected. 

    If choosing the letter scale, enter a letter grade using capital letters A–F and +/-. For example, "B+", "C-", etc. The letter grade will be converted to a 4.0 scale. Select a weight and credit value to add the appropriate grade weighting/multiplier. For example: 

    Weight (additive):
    Nor = +0.0 GPA point
    H = +0.5 GPA point
    AP/D = +1.0 GPA point

    Credits (multiplier):
    FY = x1
    Sem = x0.5
    Qtr = x0.25
    NA = x0

    Note on conditional logic: no conditional logic is included in this form by default; after choosing the appropriate amount of electives desired, conditional logic can be applied to the appropriate sections. 

    For a live demonstration of the functionality behind this GPA recalculation form, check out the Slate Interactive Encore: Reader and GPA Recalculation Best Practices webinar. 

    Special Thanks: We would be remiss if we did not thank Daniel Connolly for his role in the creation of the initial version of this form. It was his use case at Fitchburg State University that drove the initial development of this GPA recalculation form by Technolutions staff. Check out the Summit presentation "Scoring, Formula Rules, and Translation Tables" for his slides on the first iteration of this form. 

    English 9
    Math 9
    Soc 9
    Science 9
    Foreign Lang 9
    Choose Grade 9 Electives
    Elective A
    Elective B
    Elective C
    Elective D
    Grade 9 Totals
    English 10
    Math 10
    Soc 10
    Science 10
    Foreign Lang 10
    Choose Grade 10 Electives
    Elective E
    Elective F
    Elective G
    Grade 10 Totals
    English 11
    Math 11
    Soc 11
    Science 11
    Foreign Lang 11
    Choose Grade 11 Electives
    Elective H
    Elective I
    Elective J
    Grade 11 Totals
    English 12
    Math 12
    Soc 12
    Science 12
    Foreign Lang 12
    Choose Grade 12 Electives
    Elective K
    Elective L
    Elective M
    Elective N
    Elective O
    Elective X
    Grade 12 Totals
    Recalculated GPA