GPA Recalc Form - Starter 4.0 Scale (demo)

    Enter a letter grade below using capital letters A–F and +/-. For example, "B+", "C-", etc. The letter grade will be converted to a 4.0 scale. Select a weight and credit value to add the appropriate grade weighting/multiplier. For example: 

    Weight (additive):
    Nor = +0.0 GPA point
    H = +0.5 GPA point
    AP/D = +1.0 GPA point

    Credits (multiplier):
    FY = x1
    Sem = x0.5
    Qtr = x0.25
    NA = x0

    For a live demonstration of the functionality behind this GPA recalculation form, check out the Slate Interactive Encore: Reader and GPA Recalculation Best Practices webinar. 

    Grade 9
    English 9
    Math 9
    Soc 9
    Science 9
    Foreign Lang 9
    etc etc etc
    Choose Grade 9 Electives
    Elective A
    Elective B
    etc etc
    Grade 9 Totals